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Poster: He Live's Date: Jul 21, 2007 7:56pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: What makes a good Jam Band?

with all that went on in the post GOP YEARS, 77 and on with "disco dead" and then the shiddy MIDI and the blatant attempts at pop crossover

The Grateful goddamn Dead

were a folk rock/roots/beatnik turned psychedelic band of brothers. they were an organic manifestation of unique time and place. i do not belive there was anything about the The Grateful goddamn Dead that was in any way "convoluted," nothing of significance. the existence of The Grateful goddamn Dead evolved of it's own accord with the only reason for their existence being the tribal assemblage. why? because it lead to transcendent places and it was REALLLLLLY fucking fun to get a bunch of people together and raise the energy level.

The Grateful goddamn not belong in a discussion about the repulsive, meandering, convoluted, glory seeking jam banders...many of these people have made themselves a career. stringycheesey and i guess moe.ron. the lesser known ones are actually WORSE. anyone openly traversing this territory does not merit attention. just go to your local bluegrass jam...i guarantee it is more fun and less pretentious junk/boring waste of time....

we love the The Grateful goddamn Dead because they had soul, and the jambanders bore us because they dont have a drop

(and please dont be a moe.ron and confuse enthusiasm or "passion" for soul - no no-soul little twit is doing what they did with viola lee, or lovelight, or cumberland or not fade, or dancin...take your pick -- none of the souless jambanders could pull off anything remotely close to this in contemporary terms. that kid that cries on stage doesnt count. i havent really checked out devendra banhardt or any of those other "new psychedlic" clowns either -- but they are in no way jambanders -- theyz artists -- and The Grateful goddamn Dead wasnt no artists -- they just had soul)

-- reformed PHISHEAD, 90-94